Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shaggy Dog

from LA Weekly (Ron Stringer):

Finally, and damn near unclassifiably, comes Adam Nemett’s The Instrument, an engaging shaggy-dog story (scripted "under the guidance of Joyce Carol Oates," with a faint nod to the recent House on Haunted Hill remake) in which a bunch of CalArts types — played, or so it would seem, by a bunch of Maryland Institute College of Art types — is led by a demiurgical dead professor, through a maze of music and performance puzzles, toward all manner of obscure revelation. Despite the amorphous nature of these largely improvised proceedings, the music, costumes, art direction and personalities-in-formation that contribute to this lively exercise in art and/or gestalt therapy provide a potent draft of vicarious pleasure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

what up!

Hi everyone!
Long long long long time no see, hear, touch, smell!
I cant believe what a crazy crazy man Adam is.
His hard work and devotion truely seems to be paying off.
I am so so proud.

I hope all is well with everyone.
I am really enjoying myself in Victoria. I invite all to come visit. (but hopefully not at the same time). I have been building many new instruments, devices and software for music and artistic applications. Travelling the world to share our team's vision, experiments and ideas on how to combine artificial intelligence with music technology, to bring human-computer interaction close to the level seen in the Instrument. This summer i am building my first Robot, which will be able to play a Tabla. Super stoked.

Thats all for now.
Much love to all.


New Trailer!

Welcome to the blog!
Trailer ver. 2 will be available by 8 PM EDT.

Welcome to The Instrument...

Hey all,
A bunch of you have asked about message boards and other ways to keep in touch. Feel free to use this blog as a way to connect, post news and pictures, or just say hi to the people you shared a loft with in the Summer of 2002. If any of you would like your personal webpages or other sites listed in the Links section, email me and let me know.
much love,